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Interested in becoming a vendor? Here is some basic information:

The show has a central check-out system and because of this our vendors are required to work a shift a day. This does mean your booth will be left unattended (unless you have someone to work it or work your shift for you).

We have a mailing list of over 8,000 and an email list of over 1,800.

The fees for the Oct and Dec show are $75 for a 9 x 9 space and $60 for the Feb show. There is also a  15% commission held from your total sales.

We do ask that new vendors send us pictures of your crafts. We want to make sure we are not duplicating too many items.

If you have any other questions please let us know! We can be reached at

Thanks for your interest!

Courtney, Inga, and Mike

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